Sunday, July 26, 2009

What You Will Not Find

What you will not find in my blog. You will not find picutres of me, my family, (I have a wonderful family and I'll leave it at that) my possesions, (not that I have a lot), stories of wonderful vacations, the bragging and "Look at me, Look at me" I find in so many blogs. For those of you who do, that's wonderful. For those of you who post pictures of your cars, home, boats, quads, I applaud you for having "stuff". You will not find pictures or stories on my drunken nights out and the shennanigans as a result thereof(not sayin that posting pics of you having a good time is bad, but do you really have to post pictures of yourself passed out unconscious with that galzed look in your eyes like you are two seconds away from going into a coma), but for those of you that do, I truly feel sorry for you. And no, they are not laughing with you........yes, they are in fact laughing at you. Wait, I lied, I take that back. I do not feel sorry for you, I too laugh at you. Then I tell all of my friends about you, and they too laugh at you. Then, they tell their friends, and their friends laugh at you. Until.......your friends tell you the story about the idiot everybody is laughing at, which is actually you. So in the end, even your friends will eventually laugh at you. So anyways, remember what I said about ramblings?

What you will find in my blog are my feelings and thoughts. You will find what irritates me about this world, and what I truly love about this world. (the same thing that might irritate me, I might love two weeks later) I will be cynical, I will be hopeful. I will be grateful, I will be thankless. I will be selfish, I will be unselfish. I will be rude, I will be polite. This is my blog, and I will make of it what I want. But, what you will never find in this blog, and what I never will become, is untrue to who I am!

And I know you are wondering, "Ok, what are your thoughts and feelings? What does irritate you?" And I can only answer, "In due time my friend, in due time."

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  1. sweet so i get to read your diary now i better be a good lil wifey from now on and not make you mad he he